NOHlab / Plato Media Lab / Maki Namekawa

Deep Space Music brings together sound and image, music and computer animation in a way that transforms the projection space into a setting for intimate experiences. In it, Japanese pianist Maki Namekawa will play a program of works by three visionary composers who are also regarded as great thinkers. Her piano co
ncert musically celebrates the 60th birthday of Ryuchi Sakamoto (JP) and Philip Glass’ (US) 75th, and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Cage (US).

Prix Ars Electronica prizewinner Candaş Şişman (TR) and a crew from NOHlab / Plato Media Lab (TR) will contribute an extraordinary live visualization. In order to provide Ms. Namekawa with latitude for spontaneous improvisation, Şişman and friends will be working live in real time, though, in doing so, they’ll have recourse to a repertoire of prepared graphic elements that are the outcome of an intensive process of encounter with the respective pieces of music.

Deniz Kader (Art Direction/Visuals, NOHlab )
Candas Sisman (Art Direction/Visuals, NOHlab )
Bager Akbay (Team Supervisor & Coding, Plato Media Lab )
Ismail KasarciOsman KoçZeynep NalKaan Kaner (Coding, Plato Media Lab )
Maki Namekawa (Music)